What's Entigy all about?


After many years of developing online management solutions for a wide-range of organisations and applications, the team at Spinifex Valley decided it was time to try something a bit different.


A few reasons actually:

  • Data-flow and access-control is now a central part of many organisations' core function, but many solutions are unnecessarily complex - or tie users to a specific platform or approach.
  • Data is not easily sharable in a nuanced way or access permissions are tricky to change.
  • Competing solutions typically use international servers and presumably operate under the data/privacy laws of that nation.

A Solution...

Entigy has been developed to provide users with the building blocks to create a self-managed form management system where even non-technical users can make and run unlimited surveys and forms (both digital and PDF), and visualize responses in custom dashboards, management reports and even apps.

Importantly, specific form fields can be private and public depending on the end-user group or how the reports are configured.

Importantly, forms can be exported as JSON and redeployed in other contexts if needed.

Hmm not bad. What else does Entigy offer?

Entigy also packs a host of extra features into the service, which will come online in a staged way. We don't want to say too much about these features right now, but have a click around, you might get a hint or two!

Ok. I'm interested...

Get started with a free subscription here - and don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss what it would take to deploy the solution in an enterprise context.


Pre January 2023 - Developed and beta testing. Limited public release.

January 2023 - Public release of Form Builder. For now we are extremely focused on ensuring the functionality of our form builder (and feed system) is stable and functional.


June 2023 - Beta release of transaction functionalities/tools.

Sep 2023 - Public release of transaction functionalities/tools

The Team & Our Development Approach

Entigy is actively developed by the team at Spinifex Valley as a SaaS offering for our clients. We are predominantly developing the project in-house, but we're always up for a chat with independent developers who can see value in what we're building. 

The project is a private project for now... however, having said that, we do love open-source and will absolutely explore the possibility of making the project open-source in the future. However, this will require take some time, and the project some time away from that point of maturity.